Elena Klochikhina | High-Resolution Angle Gathers with LSM

9 December | Session: Imaging Theory 1 | 17:00 - 18:00 (CET), 3rd speaker. High-resolution angle gathers from Iterative Least-Squares Migration.

wave imagewave image

Authors: Lian Duan (formerly of PGS); Dan Whitmore, Nizar Chemingui, Elena Klochikhina (PGS). Click on the image below for the abstract.

Elena Klochikhina presents an effective solution for producing high-resolution angle gathers output from iterative data-space least-squares migration by extending the inversion to the sub-surface offset domain. Applications to synthetic and field data examples show improvements in resolution and corrections for angle-dependent illumination effects, and therefore provide more reliable amplitudes for AVA analysis.

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