Managing the signal that we send into the earth can have as important an effect on the quality of the result as the method of recording. Martin Widmaier is a member of the steering committee for this EAGE workshop and a keynote speaker. He and other PGS experts are looking forward to this industry event in Oslo, 22-24 August.

  • Day 1: Seismic Source Technology
    Keynote: Why Bother About the Source? - J. Helgesen (Equinor)
  • Day 2: Advances in Marine Seismic Acquisition: the Receiver Side
    Keynote: Reflection on Ten Years of Multi-Sensor Towed Streamers Lessons and Successes - M. Widmaier (PGS)
  • Day 3: Marine Acquisition: Non-Seismic Methods
    Keynote: Acquisition and Application Of Aero-Magnetometry in Norway and on the Norwegian Shelf - M. Broenner (NGU)