Meet PGS at the EAGE Sub-Saharan Africa Energy Forum in Windhoek, Namibia, where our team will be among the experts and industry professionals from the sub-Saharan energy sector. 

Understanding the complex interplay between the occurrence of fold-thrusts derived from the detachment of the Akata Shale Formation and turbidite channel deposition is key to unlocking prospectivity in this area.

Using 3D seismic data, this closely interlinked relationship between structural development and reservoir distribution can be uncovered, highlighting the significant remaining potential in the area.

Ask us also about new data and technical insights from our reprocessed Nigeria Vision data and prospectivity in the Deepwater Niger Delta. 

Tuesday 5 March 

12:00 | Avril Burrell | Revealing the Structural Influence on Reservoir Channel Deposition in the deepwater Niger Delta


Event Summary

Organizer: EAGE 

Dates: 4 - 6 March 

Location: Windhoek 

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