Marine multicomponent seabed seismic has evolved rapidly over the last decade. Although the initial application of two-component seabed seismic was aimed at acquiring good quality seismic coverage around obstructed fields, the application has advanced significantly to get high-quality broadband multicomponent seismic data. 

PGS will present two papers at this workshop on imaging and technology:

Tuesday 28 August 2018 
Session 5: Advances in Multicomponent Seismic Imaging Time-Lapse 3D
Ocean Bottom Seismic Imaging Using Separated Wavefields - A. Long*, D. Lecerf (PGS)

Wednesday 29 August 2018 
Session 8: Multicomponent Streamer Technology
Multi-Sensor Streamer and OBS Design Considerations for the Cross-Line Sampling Component of Seismic Imaging - A. Long*, D. Lecerf, J. Oukili, G. Rønholt, S. Lu, and N. Chemingui (PGS)