We will present and discuss our latest Towed Streamer EM acquisition, results and plans, with a particular focus on the 23rd and APA rounds.

Gather cost-effective and fully integrated geophysical information with simultaneous EM and GeoStreamer® acquisition, combining exceptionally high density CSEM data with seismic. 

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Towed Streamer Electromagnetics
– Beyond Resistivity

Joshua May
Sales & Marketing Manager Towed Streamer EM

Allan McKay
Manager EM
Processing & Interpretation

01 Mar 2016                

08:00 am    

2,5 h        

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Meet our Towed Streamer EM experts at the event or contact us.

Contact: em@pgs.com

Location: Stavanger, Norway

Venue: Ipark, Måltidets Hus 

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About the seminar:
 This informal and interactive workshop is designed to encourage discussion amongst the participants. Register for an informative and enjoyable start to the day.