At the Energy GeoScience Conference, we will be highlighting our CCS reprocessing and site evaluation capabilities. Make sure to find the PGS team at this event to learn more about the solutions PGS can provide. 

Thursday 18 May 

13:50 - Nick Lee (Presenter) N, Pernin, C. Reiser (PGS), S. Furnival (Hoboil/OpenGoSim), I.Demaerschalk (InGrid Solutions), P. Orsini (OpenGoSim), J-P Adam & B. Durot (Eliis) | The role of Seismic reservoir characterization in the evaluation of a carbon storage site: An integrated seismic-simulation case study from the Bunter Formation, UK SNS

Event Summary 

Organizer: GESGB

Dates: 16 - 18 May 

Location: Aberdeen 

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