PGS' Towed Streamer EM technology enables the simultaneous acquisition of high density marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) and 2D dual-sensor GeoStreamer data.

Acquiring two complementary geophysical datasets from a single vessel is not only highly cost effective, but also saves time in the context of increasingly brief exploration licenses. This technology has resulted in a step change in the marine CSEM market.

Towed Streamer EM data, when interpreted and integrated with seismic, offers oil companies the ability to significantly de-risk frontier acreage, characterize specific prospects, extend asset life through effective near field exploration and even estimate levels of gas saturation. Join our presentation. 

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Towed Streamer Electromagnetics
– Beyond Resistivity

Joshua May
Sales & Marketing Manager
Towed Streamer EM

24 Feb 2016 11:15 am 35 min

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Location: London, UK

VenueThe Geological Society 

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About the event: The Finding Petroleum forum in London in February 2016, "New Geophysical Technologies", will present the best of the new technology, and the latest thinking in how to use it. If you are an interpreter who wants to know what is coming along the tracks, or you produce geophysics related technology and services, this event offers an ideal way to increase your knowledge and spot opportunities.