Advanced Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) 

Inverse problems utilize model parameters to infer information about the observable data. We will present two advanced methods of inversion.

Stabilization: Advanced stabilization methods are used to generate high resolution and stable Earth models through the process of Full Waveform Inversion.

Mitigating Uncertainty in Imaging: Once an accurate model has been generated we will demonstrate the use of wave equation reflectivity inversion to compensate for acquisition-related illumination and amplitude variation.


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Advanced Full Waveform Inversion (FWI)


Tony Bell
Area Geophysicist

09 Mar 2017  11:15  35 min

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Location: London, UK

VenueThe Geological Society 

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About the event: On 9th March in London, the Finding Petroleum forum on New Geophysical Approaches will present the best of the new technology, and the latest thinking on how to use it. If you are an interpreter who wants to know what is coming along the tracks, or you produce geophysics-related technology and services, this event offers an ideal way to increase your knowledge and spot opportunities.