PGS will be participating at the First EAGE/SUT Workshop on Integrated Site Characterization for Offshore Renewable Energy. We are excited to discuss how PGS solutions for offshore wind allow for a one-stop shop for site characterization. Our ultra-high resolution 3D seismic data provides an accurate understanding of seabed and near-surface conditions which is key for the development of wind farm locations. We believe that early access to UHR3D seismic data significantly accelerates the creation of a reliable ground model and can minimize risk and reduce cycle time.

By providing the right data at the right time we can cut site characterization time by 50%.

If you're attending this event come and speak to the PGS team, hear about our recent experiences, and how PGS can help make the energy transition happen.

Wednesday 22 May 

Join Allan McKay during 'Session II - Advances in Site Investigation Techniques' where he will be presenting 'Advances in Site Characterization for Offshore Wind with 3D Ultra High Resolution Seismic'.

Event Summary 

Dates: 22 - 23 May 

Organizer: EAGE

Location: Boston 

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