The introduction of GeoStreamer® seismic provides a significant uplift in the pre- and postsalt data quality with benefits visible in three key areas:

  1. Enhanced resolution of the seismic image both shallow and deep due to a broader frequency bandwidth
  2. Better signal penetration revealing subsalt and deeper targets, which has led to improved interpretation
  3. Increased signal-to-noise ratio due to the deep tow and receiver ghost cancellation

In the presence of the Messinian evaporates, prestack depth imaging supported by state-of-the-art velocity model building can provide significant uplifts in the region. Join our presentation.

Title Presenter Date                Start              Duration       

Experiences with dual-sensor
towed streamer acquisition and
imaging in the Eastern Mediterranean     

Øystein Lie
Project Manager
MultiClient Middle East

Mar 2016
TBC* 20 min

* This poster was accepted as an alternate presentation that can be slotted into an oral session at any time.
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