In frontier areas like the Barents Sea, where well control is sparse, access to high-quality seismic information is essential to identify leads and derisk prospects. State-of-the-art depth-imaging techniques such as Separated Wavefield Imaging and Full Waveform Inversion are key to effectively resolve shallow targets in the region.

At NCS Exploration, PGS geoscientist Laurent Feuilleaubois will demonstrate how dual sensor, pre-stack depth migrated data provides robust information to derisk deeper targets predicted to show prospective levels of porosity. In addition, he will show how the combination of reservoir characterization results with Towed Streamer EM data helps to further establish the interpretation and decreases the risks connected to frontier exploration.

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Prospectivity Analysis in the Eastern Barents Sea:
Identification of leads through state-of-the-art depth imaging workflows

Laurent Feuilleaubois, Project Geoscientist

11 May        

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Location: Oslo, Norway

VenueScandic Fornebu

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About the conference:
 The backdrop for this conference is that few commercial discoveries are made on the NCS despite many technical discoveries. Is this due to an exploration toolbox that is not sufficient for the proper de-risking of prospects? The objective is therefore to investigate the effectiveness of both geophysical and geochemical technologies by analyzing various case studies.