NEXT 2023 serves as a platform for researchers, tech enthusiasts, new energy firms, and subsurface experts to gather and exchange ideas. The event aims to enhance our understanding of the challenges and prospects that lie beneath the surface in fields like geothermal, offshore wind, CCS, and hydrogen.

PGS will be at NEXT 2023 to showcase how our existing high-quality 3D data can be used to accelerate the development of offshore wind. Alongside this, we will also be displaying the solutions PGS can provide for CCS and Near-Field Exploration. 

Wind-Up (Shallow Geology and Implications for Offshore Wind | Luca Limonta | Integrated 3D Acquisition and Processing Technology to Accelerate the Development of Offshore Wind

Improved Workflows & Digital Solutions | Roberto Ruiz | Interactive Rock Physics Modeling for CCS and Near Field Exploration, a UK Southern North Sea Case Study​

​Event Summary

Organizer: GeoPublishing

Dates: 23 - 25 January 

Location: Bergen 

Event Website: Click here