The Offshore Strategikonferansen is Norway's largest meeting place for the hydrocarbon and offshore wind industry. Industry leaders and policymakers will be discussing the important challenges that we face, including energy security and the energy transition. 

To achieve net zero, we need to significantly increase the use of wind energy and require more efficient and robust subsurface imaging solutions for offshore wind farm site characterization. 

PGS can assist in this by providing UHR3D seismic data that can improve the reliability of subsurface imaging. This will allow planners to identify potential hazards with greater confidence, and developers can reduce the risk of costly reshoots that often occur with traditional 2D data.

Make sure to meet with Berit Osnes, Executive Vice President of New Energy to discuss how PGS solutions mitigate risk and provide a detailed understanding of the subsurface. 

Event Summary 

Dates: 6 - 7 February 

Organizer: Norsk Industri

Location: Stavanger 

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