PGS Live | Wind

3D Seismic for Offshore Wind

Assess Hazards & Reduce Risk

PGS Live | Wind | On-Demand


Our panel of experts were on hand at this webinar to answer your questions about the benefits of using ultra-high resolution 3D seismic for wind farm site characterization. We help ensure safe and efficient development with early access to high-quality data.


PGS recognizes the value of detailed subsurface understanding and can deliver efficient and scalable acquisition and imaging to serve the fast-growing offshore wind industry. Reduce risk and time to operation with our optimized solutions for ground model generation and geohazard identification.

PGS Live Wind | On-Demand




05 mins | Welcome | with Christopher Watts

20 mins | Efficient and Scalable Acquisition and Imaging to Serve the Fast-Growing Offshore Wind Industry | with Berit Osnes and Martin Widmaier

25 mins | Ask the Experts - We Answer Your Questions | with Berit Osnes, Martin Widmaier, and Bertrand Caselitz

05 mins | Conclusions | with Christopher Watts

Meet the Presenters

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