PGS at PWEA2024: Optimizing Offshore Wind Development in the Polish Baltic Sea

PGS is excited to participate in PWEA (PSEW) 2024, a leading event for Poland's offshore wind energy sector. We'll be showcasing our industry-leading Ultra-High Resolution 3D (UHR3D) seismic technology, specifically designed to address the type of critical challenges faced by developers in the Polish Baltic Sea.

Throughout the conference, we aim to engage with developers and stakeholders to discuss how UHR3D seismic can significantly enhance offshore wind farm planning and development. Our focus areas include:

  • Boulder Detection: UHR3D offers unparalleled resolution for identifying and characterizing boulders, a major risk factor in Baltic Sea wind farm development. By pinpointing boulders early in the planning stages, developers can optimize project design, mitigate risks, and ensure cost-effective construction.
  • Soil Characterization: Accurate soil property data is essential for safe and efficient foundation design. UHR3D provides detailed insights into soil conditions, enabling developers to make informed decisions about foundation type and optimize wind turbine placement.

PGS' UHR3D seismic solutions offer a rapid and economical approach to reducing boulder risk and ensuring successful project outcomes in the Polish Baltic Sea.

Make sure to meet with Jon Nicholls at PWEA 2024 to learn more about how UHR3D seismic can empower your offshore wind development efforts.

Event Summary 

Dates: 4 - 6 June 

Organizer: Polish Wind Energy Association

Location: Świnoujście

Event Website