Tuesday at SEG 2019

Technical papers and presentations by PGS experts at SEG Annual Meeting 2019.

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Oral Presentations

From feasibility to reservoir characterization: A fully integrated 4D seismic approach for reservoir management – A case study in the western African offshore by B. Webb, C. Rizzetto, M. Marchesini, N. Colombi, J. Panizzardi, V. Milluzzo, A. Cimitan, I. Franco, A. Ottaviani (Eni SpA), C. Reiser and D. Lecerf (PGS) 
TL 2 – Case Studies | Room: 225B
Time: 8:30 AM

Marine vibrator source: Modular projector system 
by O. Orji, M.D.C Oscarsson-Nagel, W. Söllner, Ø.Trætten, B. Armstrong, D. Nams, and P. Yeatman
ACQ 2 – Marine Seismic, Tuesday | Room 221A
Time: 8:30 AM

Least-squares migration with gathers by A.A. Valenciano, M. Orlovich, E. Klochikhina, and N. Chemingui
SPMI 2 – Least-Squares Migration Improvement and Applications 1 | Room 214C
Time: 8:30 AM

Enhanced presalt imaging using iterative least-squares migration: A case study in Santos Basin, Brazil
by S. Arasanipalai, H. Lebit, P. Ollagnon, B. Virlouvet, and J. Tilton 
SPMI 3 – Least-Squares Migration Applications and Diffraction Imaging | Room 214C
Time 1:50 PM

Compensating for visco-acoustic effects with an integrated model building flow: A deepwater Equatorial Conjugate Margin case study by T. Martin, M. Barbaray, G. Venfield, and V. Chavda 
FWI 4 – Case Studies | Room 302B
Time: 3:55 PM

Lunch and Learn

Taking Presalt Imaging to a New Level using PGS Least-Squares Migration: Nizar Chemingui