Wednesday SEG 2019

Technical papers and presentations by PGS experts at SEG Annual Meeting 2019.

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Oral and Poster Presentations

Broadband seismic and FWI to resolve an incised shallow carbonate platform: Indonesia 
by D.Cavalin, N. Ismail, T. Paten, K. Agbebi and D. Lim 
FWI P6 – Field Applications and Practical Issues | Poster Station 8
Time: 9:45 AM

Marine vibrator: Source wavefield modeling 
by S.W. Losnedahl, O.C. Orji, L.J. Gelius and W. Sollner 
SM 4 – Modeling Methods | Room 304A
Time: 11:00 AM

The continuous wavefields method: Using electro-mechanical sources 
by S. Hegna, T. Kluver, O. Orji and J. Lima
SPET 3 – Data Acquisition and Processing | Room 214D
Time: 3:05 PM

A 3D methodology for residual and diffracted multiple attenuation 
by M. Bekara, L. Duan and M. Salem 
SPMNR 4 – Advances in Processing Methods and Applications | Room: 305
Time: 3:55 PM

Lunch and Learn

Slashing marine seismic cycle time with automation and digitalization: Andrew Long