PGS will be attending and presenting at the SEG Workshop: Full Waveform Inversion: Land and Shallow Water Challenges. 

The workshop focuses on the current challenges of FWI on land and shallow water seismic data the technological advances and improved workflows that aim to resolve subsurface complexities (both near-surface and deep), and complex structures and their collective impact on FWI. In addition, the workshop will address novel acquisition and processing methods and the application of machine learning in FWI. Case studies in both land and shallow water regimes will be presented and innovative borehole applications of FWI will also be introduced.

Tuesday 10 October

12:55 | Nizar Chemingui | KEYNOTE: Data-driven Full Wavefield Imaging and Inversion: Application to Shallow-water OBC Data

Event Summary 

Organizer: SEG 

Dates: 10 - 12 October 

Location: Abu Dhabi

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