A complete and practical solution to all multiple problems still evades us. This event follows a similar workshop in 2014, and will attempt to assess advances and how can we get closer to our ultimate goal of multiple-free seismic images with improved attributes and QI products?

The workshop will focus on emerging technologies with a broad range of topics covering research and case studies, with data examples from onshore and offshore for both surface and interbed multiples.


PGS is represented in 3 sessions.

  • Session 1, Improving Acquisition Efficiency Using Imaging with Multiples, Sören Naumann, PGS
  • Session 9, KEYNOTE: Methods for Imaging and Inversion Using Primaries, Multiples or Both, Dan Whitmore, PGS
  • Session 10, Surface-Related Multiples Help Image the Overburden in Shallow Waters Offshore Abu Dhabi, Abdulrahman Almessabi, ADNOC (PGS co-author)