This virtual event will provide comprehensive coverage of seismic technology-related topics, covering the entire geophysical spectrum as well as how seismic supports both the UK's MER strategy and its Net Zero ambitions.

Cyrille Reiser Presents

PGS Global QI Lead, Cyrille Reiser, will present

  • Multisensor, Multi-Azimuth Quantitative Interpretation: A Case Study from the South Viking Graben, Norway
  • 19 May | 14:00 BST
  • Session: Reservoir and Characterization

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Yulia Biryaltseva Presents

On Day Five, Yulia Biryaltseva of Equinor will present

  • Broadband time-lapse at Gullfaks Main field in the North Sea
  • 21 May | 13:55 BST
  • Session: Imaging, 4D, and Quantitative Interpretation

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Event Summary


Event: Seismic 2021

Date: 17 - 21 May 2021

Location: Online