Alongside being a sponsor of Seismic 2022, PGS will present on several different topics. Ranging from exciting advances in CCS and New energy application to rejuvinated data from West of Shetland.

We'll also be there to re-connect with client and chat about GeoStreamer X, CCS, 4D monitoring, our SNS Vision projects and our new data for West of Shetland.

May 4 2022

09:15 - Didier Lecerf: A transition best practice for CO2 monitoring using 4D broadband seismic.

16:50 - John Brittan: Pushing the Limits of Marine Seismic Resolution.

May 5 2022

14:40 - Julien Oukili & Bertrand Caselitz : Extending the value of seismic – a high resolution experiment on North Sea 3D exploration data for new energy applications. 

Event Summary

Organizer: SPE International

Date: 4 - 5 May 2022

Location: Aberdeen

Registration Link: Click here