PGS is pleased to announce our participation at WindWorks 2024, a leading conference for the offshore wind industry. We look forward to connecting with developers operating in the Baltic region and demonstrating how our 3D ultra-high resolution (UHR) seismic data acquisition and processing can significantly benefit their projects. 

PGS operates large-scale 3D UHR marine spreads delivering both economy and reduced timescales to actionable data. This translates to faster project turnaround times and cost efficiencies for our clients.

At WindWorks, our team will be highlighting the critical role of 3D UHR seismic in creating detailed and accurate ground models for offshore wind farm development. This advanced seismic technology delivers high resolution of the seabed and shallow subsurface, enabling developers to:

  • Accelerate the wind farm design phase: By providing a comprehensive understanding of the soil conditions and potential geohazards, 3D UHR seismic data allows for faster and more efficient design iterations.
  • Mitigate subsurface risks: In the geologically complex Baltic Sea, detailed insights into the seabed composition are crucial for mitigating risks associated with foundation design and construction.

Our participation at WindWorks underscores PGS' commitment to supporting the development of clean, renewable energy sources in the Baltic region. We believe that our advanced seismic solutions can play a vital role in helping developers optimize their wind farm projects and help make the energy transition happen.

Event Summary 

Date: 25 April

Organizer: Latvian Wind Energy Association

Location: Riga 

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