Acquisition Commences on Moray Firth Phase 3

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PGS is now acquiring data for the final of three 2018 3D GeoStreamer surveys covering nearly 7 400 sq. km of the Moray Firth area of the North Sea. Fast-track data will be available four months after final shot.

This prefunded MultiClient project promises to reveal a large swathe of the Moray Firth-Orcadian Basin area. Acquisition is complete on phases 1 and 2 the data are in processing. 

Phase 3 focuses on the innermost area of the Moray Firth. This is less explored due to the challenging combination of shallow water, shallow sub-surface Chalk Grp, and deep targets. The key imaging challenge once again is the masking of deep structures by a combination of shallow water and complex shallow overburden.

High-density GeoStreamer data and modern imaging technology will address this, to improve the understanding of the source and the reservoir potential. 

Imaging all Recorded Wavefields

PGS' Complete Wavefield Imaging (CWI) workflow has a proven track record of solving the shallow to reveal the deep. CWI utilizes GeoStreamer dual-sensor technology to process and image all recorded wavefields. Using this technology we generate top-to-bottom high-quality datasets by utilizing not only reflections but also refractions (FWI) and multiples (SWIM). The process starts with state-of-the-art signal processing and results in accurate velocity models through full integrity imaging.

In addition to providing an excellent basis for exploration decisions, these three new Moray Firth datasets can be used as a baseline survey for future 4D studies, making this a cost-effective solution for exploration, evaluation, field development and production monitoring.

This is PGS’ tenth consecutive year of safe and reliable GeoStreamer acquisition in Northern Europe. These new high-density GeoStreamer surveys in the Moray Firth area will be important for upcoming rounds in the UK covering both mature and frontier areas.

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