APA 2023 Awards – We’ve Got You Covered

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With 251 500 sq. km of GeoStreamer, including 16 500 sq. km of GeoStreamer X data for Norway, PGS has coverage on most of the 62 APA 2023 production license awards on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Yesterday, the Norwegian Offshore Directorate awarded sixty-two new production licenses to twenty-four companies, demonstrating the greatest level of interest and new exploration activity on the NCS since 2019.

PGS offers MultiClient data for most of the areas awarded, across the NCS, with coverage in 20 of 29 areas in the North Sea, 17 of 25 twenty-five in the Norwegian Sea, and two of eight in the Barents Sea.

“Congratulations to all the awarded companies. The Norwegian Continental Shelf continues to deliver opportunities near infrastructure and close to major markets and PGS is ready to support these exploration projects with our high-quality 3D seismic library, including reliable GeoStreamer and GeoStreamer X broadband data,” says Sonia Pereira, VP Sales for Europe at PGS.

Make Better Decisions

In 2023, PGS acquired over 7 000 sq. km of new GeoStreamer X data in the Norwegian Sea, and 5000 sq. km of GeoStreamer data in the Outer Vøring, adding to our extensive high resolution broadband 3D coverage. PGS is ready to support awarded companies with reliable subsurface data, to identify new potential and derisk exploration.

In 2024, PGS plans to further extend its MultiClient library with an additional 6 000 sq. km of GeoStreamer data in the Norwegian Sea, as well as 3 500 sq. km in the Outer Vøring.

The PGS data library also offers rock physics data in its rockAVO atlases.  

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