PGS Expands Egypt Herodotus Basin Merneith & Luxor 3D GeoStreamer

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Supporting improved lead and prospect identification in the Herodotus Basin.

The EGY23 Merneith & Luxor survey draws on the expertise of our partners the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) and leverages the outstanding capabilities of the Ramform Titan vessel and PGS’ uniquely reliable GeoStreamer broadband technology.

PGS is expanding 3D GeoStreamer data coverage to further enable understanding of potential in the central part of Egypt’s Mediterranean offshore area.

The survey covers a deepwater area between the Nile delta and the Herodotus Basin. A salt (evaporite) layer of variable thickness provides a potential seal across most of the area. The survey is near to the Kiwi-1 well and targets are likely to be presalt Oligo-Miocene structures with clastic reservoirs.

GeoStreamer acquisition provides broadband data rich in both low and high-frequency information that can be reliably used for structural interpretation and rock property analysis. PSDM products will be available for accurate imaging of subsalt reservoir targets

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Early release data from the EGY23 Merneith & Luxor survey are expected in the first quarter of 2024 and final PSDM imaging results are expected in May 2024. Please contact for further information or to arrange a data show.


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