Malaysia | Final PSDM Data Now Available for Entire Sabah Area

wave imagewave image
Final imaging products are now available on all parts of the giant Sabah MultiClient project, enabling AVO analysis of prospects and leads within the entire offshore Sabah Basin. Phase 5 acquired by PGS in 2020 brought total coverage to 47 000 sq. km. 

Commenting on the newest data focused on the inboard trend, Tad Choi, PGS Sales & New Ventures Manager for Asia says, “The new, fully AVO-compliant dataset for Phase 5 will improve understanding of the complex geology across the Sabah Trough and the Fold and Thrust Belt terranes, enabling advanced QI workflows to derisk reservoir presence and variability.” 

Coverage map Sabah Malaysia highlighting phase 5 area
Final data is now available for the entire Sabah area, including the phase 5 sector (marked in orange).


Focus on the Inboard Trend

Phase 5 covers the inboard trend of the Sabah basin, providing excellent imaging of Miocene-Pliocene turbidite complexes where reservoirs are trapped in the complex fold and thrust structures, as well as stratigraphic settings. This structural trend has produced many discoveries.

The Sabah project continues to expand on the expectation of new licensing opportunities soon offshore Malaysia. The consortium partners are planning further shallow-water acquisition inboard in 2021.

Find out More

The 2021 Malaysian Bidding Round (MBR) has just been announced with several of the blocks on offer fully covered by the Sabah MultiClient survey. To de-risk and explore these prospective blocks with multisensor acquired broadband data in hand:


Final PSDM data from Sabah phase 5
This final PSDM image of 3D GeoStreamer data from phase 5 shows the intricate details of the Fold and Thrust Belt and the deeper play targets.



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