GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2020 Fast Track Data Available

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The first data is now ready for viewing on the GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2020 survey. This survey was completed July 2020. Data quality, even at this early stage, is very good. Final PSDM results will be available Q2 2021.

The GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2020 project applied the latest PGS technology for advanced offset- and azimuth-rich data. The dataset is contiguous to the GeoStreamer X Viking Graben 2019 survey.

“PGS has addressed illumination challenges in this area with a single vessel towing a highly efficient, dense receiver spread, record-wide sources to capture ultra-near offsets, and several long streamer tails that provided longer offsets for optimal FWI at depth. The first results are available just 3 months after acquisition and the GeoStreamer X data quality is very good,” says Gunhild Myhr, VP New Ventures at PGS.

The area is known for its prolific source rock and good-quality reservoirs. Late Jurassic rifting led to the formation of numerous horst and rotated fault blocks along the margin of the Viking Graben. Targets range from Eocene injectites, deep marine fans, fluvial deposits to weathered basement

Illumination challenges in the area are associated with sand injectites, often cemented, with anomalously high velocities (so-called ‘v-brights’), as well as large, complex shallow channels and gas at various levels. Improved imaging will also make it possible to better assess injectites with reservoir potential.

Commenting on the fast track data Julien Oukili said, "This Fast-Track PSDM volume delivers higher image-clarity and better subsurface illumination. Work is ongoing with the full integrity imaging, which will enhance in particular demultiple, 5D regularization, and velocities, to provide optimal illumination and resolution.

Final depth imaging data will be available in Q2 2021 and is expected to show a significant uplift compared to other data in the coverage area.

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Fast Track MAZ already shows excellent signal-to-noise ratio and fault definitions at target levels.
Fast Track multi-azimuth data already shows excellent signal-to-noise ratio and fault definitions at target levels


Ongoing FWI work reveals channels with variable velocity in the very shallow. Deeper updates will benefit from the 10 km long tails data and support the full integrity imaging
Channels with variable velocity are revealed in the very shallow section by ongoing FWI work. Deeper updates will benefit from data recorded by the 10 km long tails and support the full integrity imaging


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