Get Ready for Lease Sale 261 – We’ve Got You Covered

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PGS offers data packages and targeted reprocessing of held or new data for specific areas in US Gulf of Mexico lease sale 261, which now closes 1 January 2024.

To evaluate risk and opportunity in the lease sale and understand Gulf of Mexico potential and prospectivity, assess the value of existing towed streamer seismic before investing in brand new data.

The PGS MultiClient library has over 135 000 sq. km of quality 3D seismic data available immediately, and our Flex Vision product showcases what can be done with modern reprocessing technology.

“Significant uplift can be achieved in specific areas. Ask us about targeted reprocessing to apply the latest imaging algorithms to upgrade data on your areas of interest,” says Mike Earney, Vice President of Imaging Western Hemisphere at PGS.

“Whether you are preparing for Lease Sale 261 or beyond, PGS has a comprehensive 3D seismic data library for the Gulf of Mexico. Contact us to discuss a commercial model that works for you. Let’s talk!” invites Elaine Mattos, Senior Vice President of Sales & Services North and South America at PGS. 

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