Ghana: New PGS MegaSurvey Supports 1st Licensing Round

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This new PGS MegaSurvey targets prospective acreage for Ghana’s 1st Offshore License Round and will assist with the evaluation of the opportunities. First data will be available in Q3, 2019.
Figure 1 New PGS MegaSurvey to compliment 1st offshore Licensing Round
Figure 1 New PGS MegaSurvey to complement 1st offshore Licensing Round

The Ghana MegaSurvey consists of 22 600 sq. km of 3D data and 24 000 line km of 2D data, extending from the Tano Basin in the west, through the Salt Pond Basin with some coverage in Keta Basin to the east. Ongoing exploration and appraisal continues to boost Ghana’s resources and this is fast becoming one of West Africa’s next exploration hot spots.

MegaSurveys are regional scale, merged post-stack datasets and are unique to PGS. They consist of multiple surveys that will be rebinned to a common grid and then matched to produce a phase-balanced and uniformly-scaled contiguous regional volume. Extensive MegaSurvey coverage can be used to continue exploration for analogs of existing interests, to identify new prospects and place field-scale geological understanding into a basin-wide context.

Successful License Round

Six blocks were included in the 2018/19 Ghana License Round with three blocks allocated through open competitive tender, two through direct negotiations and one reserved for the national oil company, Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).  Fifty-seven valid block applications were received from 16 companies seeking success in the new acreage.

All companies who submitted an expression of interest and prequalification documents have now been notified of the results of the evaluation process.  Fourteen of the 16 companies who applied for prequalification have been invited to submit tenders for blocks 2, 3 and 4. 

Completes PGS Coverage from Cote d’Ivoire to Nigeria

This project completes PGS coverage of the West Africa Transform Margin offering a detailed understanding of the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the region, and providing an excellent foundation for successful exploration.

Figure 2 Continuous PGS data library across West Africa Transform Margin
Figure 2 Continuous PGS data library across West Africa Transform Margin

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Ghana MegaSurvey will be available from Q3 2019. For more information, to explore prefunding options or to arrange an early data show, contact

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