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In this latest Industry Insights newsletter, Andrew Long attempts to explain FWI in accessible terms by presenting the critical steps for the methodology to yield useful results.

If you can tolerate some basic algebra and have an interest in what FWI is about, then this article aims to help you complete the initial journey to understanding one of the hottest topics in seismic imaging.

The article refers to some common ambitions of the many industry and academic implementations:

  • Setting up a scheme that adjusts the differences between modeled and measured shot gathers so that the subsequence steps in the iterative workflow are stable
  • Isolating only the seismic information that is relevant to the subsurface parameters being isolated, and
  • Guiding the iterative recovery of an accurate subsurface model in a manner that reduces spurious artifacts.


This article is written to accompany the three-part TechByte webinar series on FWI in our Technical Webinars library.

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