Industry Insights | Reducing CO2 Emissions

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How can we reduce relative CO2 emissions by 50% compared to 2011 within 2030? We expect the practical path to lower CO2 emissions to come from a combination of better survey design and execution, optimized fleet utilization, and drag reduction initiatives. This requires new ways of thinking.

Seismic vessel operations are highly dynamic, so there are merits in having near-real-time access to many contextualized data sources for vessel management.

In this edition of his regular Industry Insights series, Andrew Long explains that PGS has applied DataOps optimization of vessel and survey management to the four Ramform Titan-class seismic vessels since 2020, allowing tracking of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per CMP km. Novel survey designs to reduce CO2 emissions per CMP km and improve survey efficiency are also being considered.

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