Latest PGS Brazil Data Shows Potential in Outboard Campos Basin

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The latest seismic depth data from PGS’ Campos Deepwater GeoStreamer X survey permit a new assessment of the potential of emerging plays close to the recent high-impact Urissanê and Mairarê wells.

The PSDM data illuminates exciting exploration opportunities in the outboard Campos Basin with new full integrity PSDM products that cover open acreage blocks C-M-350, 417, 485. This is the only 3D data for open blocks in the upcoming permanent offer rounds.

Over 10 000 sq. km of open acreage outside the presalt polygon and over 3 000 sq. km of acreage inside the polygon will be offered in the upcoming Permanent Offer rounds.

“Attention has definitely returned to Campos, with encouraging announcements of hydrocarbon shows in the recent Urissanê and Mairarê wells, the anticipation of the Marolo-1 well to the south, along with several other permitted wells in the area. This data indicates further potential in the basin,” says John Cramer, Brazil Area Manager at PGS.

PGS has new depth data for Campos Basin deepwater blocks. These blocks will be covered in upcoming permanent offer rounds.

Integrated Geophysical Products for Open Areas

These latest 3D full integrity TTI PSDM products cover open blocks in the outer Campos Basin, where new gravity and magnetic data are also available. The resolution of the gravity/magnetic response has been optimized using the 3D data (covering 16 000 sq. km) and reprocessed publically available 2D data for the northern Campos Basin area (~ 41 000 sq. km).

This integrated set of geophysical products facilitates the assessment of the petroleum system and hydrocarbon potential of this active exploration area, providing reliable seismic imaging for exploration risk mitigation and potential drilling hazard assessment.

Final full integrity multi-azimuth GeoStreamer X products due in August will complete the set.

  • Full Integrity TTI PSDM products | Blocks C-M-212, 279, 348, 350, 415, 417, 483, 485, 549
  • Integrated 2D/3D Gravity and Magnetic data for regional basin analysis
  • Final GeoStreamer X products will be available in August 2022

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