Canada | Multiphase Hydrocarbons Indicated on First 3D Data from Labrador Sea

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The PGS / TGS joint venture’s Torngat survey delivers the first full integrity 3D seismic data for offshore Labrador. Final results are now available for assessments ahead of the 2021 Call for Bids.

The Torngat survey, acquired over Chidley Basin in 2019, utilizes GeoStreamer technology to image listric fault systems. Stable AVO responses are consistent with the presence of multiphase hydrocarbons.

The survey is positioned in the updip central portion of the unexplored Chidley Basin and these are the first 3D images of the play fairways in the southern sedimentary basins of the Labrador Sea. Frontier exploration in this area has already successfully identified hydrocarbons, such as in the nearby Hopedale and Snorri discoveries.

The potential reservoirs were expected from Lower Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary above four potential source intervals from Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary. Seep studies indicate mature source rock.

Broadband imaging has identified all the necessary petroleum system elements contained in the underexplored Chidley Basin.

"PGS has completed AVO-compliant processing on the high-quality Torngat GeoStreamer dataset acquired in 2019 on schedule for assessments ahead of the November call for bids. The broadband results offer detailed illumination of all levels from shallow to deep, providing reliable attributes that can drive successful exploration in this basin. New acquisition in 2020 will further expand our understanding of the area," says Neil Paddy, New Ventures Manager for Canada at PGS.

Torngat Kirchhoff PSTM final full stack data offers clear imaging of listric fault systems present in the Chidley Basin, offshore Labrador
Torngat Kirchhoff PSTM final full-stack data offers clear imaging of listric fault systems present in the Chidley Basin, offshore Labrador


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