New PGS / TGS Data Reveals Exciting Opportunities in Canada 2020 Call for Bids

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The latest GeoStreamer 3D coverage for Eastern Newfoundland targets areas designated for the 2020 call for bids. First data is available now.

This summer, PGS and their JV partner TGS have expanded MC3D seismic data over the NL04-EN sector, offshore Canada. NL04-EN covers a highly prospective portion of the south-eastern Orphan Basin and lies immediately north and adjacent to parcels taken for record work program commitments in the highly successful 2018 Eastern Newfoundland license round.

Exploration potential in the Orphan Basin mainly comes from the Kimmeridgian and Tithonian source rocks within the Jurassic section. Potential producing reservoirs from Lower Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary stratigraphically overlay the so-called Kimmeridgian source rock superhighway.

The acquisition of 3D data to evaluate this sector has spanned two seasons. The PGS vessel Ramform Hyperion, towing a GeoStreamer spread of 16 x 8 100 m x 100 m, acquired the Tablelands survey in 2018. Then, in 2019, the Ramform Titan returned to the region to acquire the adjacent 4 600 sq. km North Tablelands survey with identical parameters.

Continuous Coverage

The fast-track prestack, time-migrated volume for the 2019 North Tablelands survey has been completed in record time and is now available.

Both the Tablelands and North Tablelands surveys will be offered for license as a continuous dataset early next year. Together they promise comprehensive coverage of the sector.

Available PGS / TGS joint venture MultiClient 3D data coverage for 2020 Eastern Newfoundland Call for Bids
Available PGS / TGS joint venture MultiClient 3D data coverage for 2020 Eastern Newfoundland Call for Bids


Reservoir Characterization

Many AVO supported leads have been identified in the NL04-EN sector, and PGS is carrying out quantitative interpretation (QI), seeking better information about lithology and fluid distribution at the reservoir level. A Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) project has been run over a select area of the Tablelands survey to improve the velocity field driving the QI inversion. The QI results will be released next month.

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Water bottom extraction from fast track data over North Tablelands, final data from Tablelands and LongRange
A water bottom extraction from fast-track data over North Tablelands is displayed above data from Tablelands and LongRange


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