New PGS Acquisition Expands Sabah MultiClient 3D to Over 47 000 sq. km

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PGS has announced a further expansion of one of the largest MultiClient 3D projects in the world. Phase five of the Sabah MultiClient project offshore Malaysia is under acquisition. First data is due Q2 2020.

PGS is currently acquiring another 7 400 sq. km of prefunded multisensor broadband data offshore Malaysia. Titan-class flagship Ramform Hyperion is towing 16 streamers with an 8100 x 100m sensor spread, and a triple-source configuration.

Once complete, this survey will bring the footprint of the massive Sabah MC3D to approximately 47 000 sq. km.


Sabah phase five will cover the inboard trend of the Sabah basin, which comprises Miocene-Pliocene turbidite complexes where reservoir are trapped in complex fold and thrust structures as well as stratigraphic settings.

Many discoveries have been made on this structural trend and the addition of this new multisensor dataset will help derisk reservoir presence and variability. It will also provide a fully AVO-compliant dataset with better images of the complex geology to enable high-end QI workflows.

Data Coverage and Availability

The first data, including coverage blocks that are currently open for licensing, will be available in Q2 2020.

“Prefunding rates will apply until the end of acquisition,” says Tad Choi, Sales and New Ventures Manager at PGS. “The continued growth of this Sabah dataset is a testament to the region’s potential with exploration efforts supported by industry investment,” he adds.

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Sabah coverage highlighting new phase 5, 2019 acquisition
Sabah coverage continues to expand. Multisensor broadband MC3D in dark blue. Phase 5, 2019 acquisition within orange outline


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