New PGS Data for Brazil Sergipe-Alagoas Basin

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PGS has released a contiguous prestack depth data volume of GeoStreamer data covering 13 000 sq. km in Brazil's Sergipe-Alagoas Basin. Data covers key offshore discoveries in the SEAL Basin. This extends coverage into deepwater areas relevant for recent leasing, and where future open acreage will be offered in upcoming Brazil bidding rounds.

The latest volume includes the recently reprocessed SEAL Bonita 3D PSDM and SEAL Pirambu PSDM in a single contiguous dataset. The data have been imaged with TTI PSDM to delineate the Cretaceous source and subtle AVO response of the Late Cretaceous reservoirs. The 13 000 sq. km project has been seamlessly combined throughout the prestack depth migration velocity model building sequence and final TTI PSDM images.


Seamless data over 13 000 sq. km of Sergipe-Algoas, Brazil extends coverage into deepwater areas.
Seamless data over 13 000 sq. km of Sergipe-Alagoas, Brazil extends coverage into deepwater areas.


Complete GeoStreamer MC3D Coverage in SEAL

PGS acquired the 4 547 sq. km BM-SEAL 4-10-11 in 2014, delivering final time and depth data in 2015.  This GeoStreamer 3D dataset covers Petrobras discoveries such as Barra, Farfan, Cumbe, Moita-Bonita, Muriu and Poco-Verde.

PGS returned to the basin in 2018 and acquired an additional 8 425 sq. km MC3D data in the outboard deepwater area.  For the SEAL Pirambu MC3D project, Ramform Tethys utilized a 16 x 100 x 8100m dual-source configuration, achieving production rates over 80 sq. km/day in the challenging offshore Brazil environment, again delivering high-quality GeoStreamer data. The full integrity PSTM products were delivered in 2019, and PGS embarked on anisotropic PSDM processing of the Deepwater SEAL Pirambu portion. 

Then, PGS preprocessed the SEAL 4-10-11 with the latest signal processing, multiple attenuation, and noise attenuation workflows, and combined it with Pirambu to create a TTI KPSDM volume covering nearly 13 000 sq. km. A full integrity KPSTM is also available.

Deepwater SEAL Potential

In recent years, Petrobras has reported important light oil, natural gas and condensate discoveries in the deepwater Sergipe-Alagoas Basin. These potentially significant discoveries are characterized by an efficient marine source rock with accumulations in Upper Cretaceous turbidite reservoirs.  PGS’ Bonita MC3D reprocessing covers these key up-dip discoveries, where it is understood Petrobras is promoting farm-in opportunities.

Appraisal work of these discoveries has been ongoing, and in late February 2020, Petrobras communicated the start of an extended well test (EWT) of the Farfan discovery, with an estimated test duration of 180 days.  Petrobras operates block BM-SEAL-11, where the Farfan discovery lies, with a 60% interest.  It is partnered by IBV Brasil, a 50:50 Indian joint venture between state-controlled Bharat Petroleum and privately run Videocon Industries, which hold the remaining 40% interest.

The reservoir intervals for these Petrobras discoveries potentially extend along strike and into deeper water, within PGS’ SEAL Pirambu Geostreamer MC3D.  The base of slope and basin floor fans could lie farther out into this deeper water portion and mapping of the proposed source interval shows a mature source for the area.  Exploration for these intervals is expected to continue into the future.

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