PGS Launches New TechByte Webinar Series

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TechByte webinars by PGS Chief Scientist Andrew Long explain imaging and operations topics in simple terms in 15 minutes. The first group of TechByte webinars addresses the two highest-profile seismic imaging topics today: Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) and Least-Squares Migration (LSM). 

The material is available via our webinar library.

  • FWI provides the optimum velocity models for seismic migration to provide accurate images of the subsurface.
  • LSM either repairs deficiencies in conventional migration results or replaces conventional migration altogether.
  • FWI and LSM considerations also increasingly influence the design of marine seismic surveys. FWI is a catalyst to acquire very long offsets and LSM provides an opportunity to compensate for various deficiencies in how seismic data were acquired. 

Three Short Webinars on FWI

In this three-part FWI series, viewers will enjoy a visual tour of how FWI works at the fundamental level, with insights into various challenges that must be overcome for FWI to be robust and efficient.

Learn how artifacts can disguise themselves as 'high-resolution' geological features and see how both low and high-frequency seismic interpretation pursuits can be augmented by FWI—with certain caveats.

Introduction to LSM

The introductory LSM webinar explains the differences between the two most commonly used forms of LSM and illustrates how LSM can enhance the interpretation of seismic data.

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