PGS | We’ve Got You Covered for Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 257

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The PGS data library offers immediate access to high-quality MultiClient data for the central and western areas in Lease Sale 257, including interpretation and QI products, and a RockAVO dynamic rock physics well database.

BOEM has announced that it will hold an oil and gas lease sale for the Gulf of Mexico on 17 November 2021

PGS offers extensive 3D seismic data coverage across the shelf and shelf break. For example, our recently rejuvenated FlexVison dataset has transformed the resolution and understanding of the central and western GoM using the latest imaging technology to reprocess conventional towed streamer and ocean bottom seismic data over key areas of the GoM.

Flex Vision provides outstanding images in the western and central Gulf. Kirchhoff resolves the shallower targets and delivers broad frequency content with reliable amplitudes, while RTM enables regional understanding and unlocks the deeper plays,” says Sofia Nemchenko, Area Manager Gulf of Mexico at PGS.

The results are suitable for both traditional and infrastructure-led exploration.

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GoM rockAVO well atlas
PGS data library coverage for the US Gulf of Mexico 


Flex vision final Kirchhoff
Flex Vision data-driven FWI velocity model of the overburden combined with broadband Kirchhoff migration accurately images the shallow section. Play fairways and seismic facies are more interpretable, with better resolution of faults and stratigraphy.


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