PGS and Mit-PFN Energy Co Announce Collaboration of AI Solutions for Subsurface Structure Analysis

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PGS is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mit-PFN Energy Co. (“MPE”, a joint venture between Mitsui and Preferred Networks Inc.) to jointly develop and commercialize Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven solutions to image subsurface structures. 

Analysis of subsurface images is required across the energy sector including oil and gas, carbon capture and storage, as well as areas in the renewable energy sector, such as geothermal energy and offshore wind power.

Under this agreement, PGS will contribute seismic data from the Company’s global MultiClient data library along with technical expertise, whilst MPE will lead the AI algorithmic development to be constructed within a modern, scalable compute infrastructure. The collaboration aims to significantly reduce turnaround time needed to generate images of subsurface structures whilst improving accuracy. It is the intention to apply the developed technology into clean energy businesses, contributing to the global effort to reduce carbon emission.

Mr. Artem Lytkin, Vice President, New Energy Business Development of PGS, says:

“PGS New Energy aims to accelerate energy transition by helping energy companies to effectively deal with subsurface risks as they execute on their energy transition goals. PGS has a long tradition of serving the industry as a top-tier provider of high-quality geophysical measurements and interpretation services. We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Mitsui, a leading provider of digital solutions. Together we seek to develop and deploy artificial intelligence methods to further strengthen our data processing and interpretation workflows.”

Mr. Yasuchika Maruyama, General Manager, E&P Division, Energy Business Unit I of Mitsui says:

"Mitsui has identified the innovation and application of new digital technologies as a key area that will create new business opportunities and improve productivity across the group. This collaboration between MPE and PGS is aligned with our digital strategy and will help to transform and grow our business model. We now look forward to working with PGS, and combining our respective areas of expertise, to apply the power of digital technology to help create a more sustainable energy industry to the benefit of society. "


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About MPE

Mit-PFN Energy Co., Ltd. (“MPE”) is a joint venture between Mitsui and Preferred Networks Inc. in which Mitsui holds a 51% interest, which develops a solution that apply deep learning technology to seismic data analysis.

About Mitsui

Mitsui & Co., Ltd (8031: JP) is a global trading and investment company with a diversified business portfolio that spans approximately 65 countries in Asia, Europe, North, Central & South America, The Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Mitsui has over 5,500 employees and deploys talent around the globe to identify, develop, and grow businesses in collaboration with a global network of trusted partners. Mitsui has built a strong and diverse core business portfolio covering the Mineral and Metal Resources, Energy, Machinery and Infrastructure, and Chemicals industries.

Leveraging its strengths, Mitsui has further diversified beyond its core profit pillars to create multifaceted value in new areas, including innovative Energy Solutions, Healthcare & Nutrition and through a strategic focus on high-growth Asian markets. This strategy aims to derive growth opportunities by harnessing some of the world's main mega-trends: sustainability, health & wellness, digitalization, and the growing power of the consumer.

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