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PGS Announces Southern North Sea Reprocessing Project

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The SNS Vision data rejuvenation project from PGS will target a mature gas province in the central SNS area, with a parallel focus on post-salt carbon storage potential in the Bunter formation. Data will be ready in 2023.

Size and Targets

The 10 000 sq. km PSDM reprocessing will deliver a single data volume and will bring new insights into the prospectivity in this prolific gas production area.  It will also provide a valuable base for energy-transition-related subsurface assessments for CCS, subsurface energy storage, and regional shallow subsurface understanding.

Vision Reprocessing

Several vintage datasets in the area will benefit from merging and state-of-the-art reprocessing. The data rejuvenation workflows are built on the knowledge acquired by PGS during two ongoing Vision projects, in other areas.

Processing will include 2 ms high-resolution broadband processing and depth conversion based on full waveform inversion (FWI).

“The goals of the SNS Vision project are to address the challenges associated with the imaging of the salt and pre-salt prospective intervals, which will be key to releasing nearfield and new energy potential. Higher-resolution imaging will target the challenges linked to CCS and subsurface energy storage, either in depleted fields, aquifers, or in the salt. Additional products will be delivered to assist in the evaluation of potential post-salt CCS sites,” says Sónia Pereira, VP Data Sales Europe at PGS.

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The SNS Vision rejuvenation in the Southern North Sea will deliver a single data volume of 10 000 sq. km PSDM that is ideal for assessing both CO2 storage opportunities (ongoing CCS projects are marked above) and nearfield exploration potential. 


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