PGS Completes First Revitalization of Nigeria MultiClient Library

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PGS broadband reprocessing provides a fresh understanding of four key Nigeria offshore blocks OPL 314, OPL 315, OPL 321, and OPL 323. This marks the first step in an ambitious regional reprocessing plan.

The newly reprocessed data is available as a single MultiClient 3D volume covering 2 969 sq. km.

Location and coverage of the Nigeria library rejuvenation highlighted in orange.
Location and coverage of the Nigeria data library with rejuvenation area highlighted in orange.


Lynchpin Location with Prolific Potential

The first phase of rejuvenation targets the intersection between the West Africa Transform Margin and the Niger Delta Basins.

“Multiple large undrilled prospects can be delineated in the new dataset, and initial G&G analysis has identified clear indicators of a working petroleum system with excellent potential in this acreage,” says Pierre Le Barbanchon, Senior Geoscientist New Ventures Africa for PGS.

View the Results at Africa Oil Week

Revitalization of the data has been achieved by applying modern broadband processing and imaging algorithms to legacy survey data. The new processing flow started from field tapes to produce Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM) and prestack depth migration (PSDM) deliverables.

Broader bandwidth, better signal-to-noise ratio, and higher multiple attenuations have significantly improved the overall imaging. Prestack time and depth migration processing flows have been run in parallel to allow refinement of parameters and produce complementary high-quality imaging products.

The newly reprocessed data is available for viewing at Africa Oil Week in Cape Town.

Slide to compare legacy and reprocessed time converted PSDM data from OPL 314/315/321/323


Going Deeper

PGS plans to expand its Nigeria data rejuvenation efforts into deeper waters, covering acreage with multiple undrilled prospects. Le Barbanchon says prefunding partners will be invited to a joint evaluation of the PGS Nigeria MultiClient library, to identify features of interest to target in the reprocessing.

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