PGS Covers APA 2018 Record Awards

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Modern PGS data library coverage over the 2018 APA license areas, announced this week by NPD, offers rapid access to improved understanding of key areas of the Barents Sea, Halten Terrace, Viking Graben and Central Graben.

New production licenses for 83 areas on the Norwegian continental shelf have been released in the most successful APA 2018 round to date. 

“One reason why the companies still find it attractive to explore in mature areas could be that large parts of the Shelf are now covered by new and improved seismic data, which together with new technology enable  the companies to identify new exploration targets,” said exploration director Torgeir Stordal in the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate announcement.

Modern PGS data, including ultra-HD3D in the Barents Sea and four GeoStreamer PURE datasets in the Barents, Norwegian and North Sea, fit that description. This data provides an excellent platform for the effective exploration of untapped opportunities in the mature parts of the Norwegian continental shelf.

Recent acquisition and rejuvenated broadband data deliver the latest imaging advances and reliable input to reservoir analysis. These surveys offer good coverage of the confirmed APA areas, complemented by conventional 3D seismic. 

“Our 2019 new exploration program will further expand PGS coverage in these areas, bringing GeoStreamer multisensor broadband data, expertly preprocessed and imaged using the latest technology and tailored workflows,” says VP New Ventures Gunhild Myhr, “This data will make it easier to spot the hidden targets, rank and derisk your exploration.” 

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