PGS Data Covers Key Block for Malaysia 2020 License Round

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Key areas for the 2020 Malaysia Licensing Round are covered by the PGS Sabah MC3D program. Data is available to evaluate the petroleum potential of the highly prospective offshore Sabah province.

Over 47 000 sq. km high-resolution 3D data is available for Sabah, covering new opportunities near established plays in this exciting hydrocarbon province.

Block SB-2T outlined in orange, with Sabah MC3D in blue.
Block SB-2T outlined in orange, with Sabah MC3D in blue.


Block SB-2T on the 2020 bid round is almost entirely covered by Sabah MC3D. SB-2T lies in the proven fold and thrust belt and is surrounded by producing oil and gas fields. Exploration targets in this area include Plio-Miocene turbidite sands trapped in anticlines and stratigraphic pinch outs.

The PGS Sabah multisensor AVO compliant dataset can help derisk and identify these clastic reservoir targets.

“Sabah MC3D is highly relevant for Malaysia 2020 licensing. For companies interested in the Sabah Basin block SB-2T this high-quality dataset will both improve understanding of the regional petroleum systems and also allow prospect scale AVO analysis of prospects and leads,” says Tad Choi Sales & New Ventures Manager, Asia for PGS.

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Sabah Fold and Thrust Belt
Sabah Fold and Thrust Belt



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