PGS Data for Greece 2017 Offshore Tenders

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The government of Greece recently announced three huge new exploration blocks. Invitation for bids will be published shortly. Get ahead of the pack by evaluating the hydrocarbon potential before the 90-day window begins. 

When the Republic of Greece publishes invitations to tender in the Official Journal of the EU, this will trigger a 90-day period within which parties interested in exploring this acreage must submit their application.

PGS has seismic data over the areas that are key to understanding the geology and access to this data is an official requirement for all bidders.

Offshore Greece Webinar 15th November

Our Webinar on 15th November is an ideal first or next step in your evaluation.

  • Discover relevant seismic data products
  • Gain a regional geology overview
  • Assess hydrocarbon potential of the blocks
  • Get an introduction to the tender process

Three large blocks are on offer west of Greece. The first covers 6 700 sq. km in the Ionian Sea southwest of Corfu, the second spans 20 000 sq. km west of Crete, and the third is 20 000 sq. km southwest of Crete.

PGS has a substantial library of modern broadband GeoStreamer® seismic data over the area, in addition to legacy and reprocessed seismic lines.

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We can also facilitate data-room presentations of the seismic, well and interpretation data available together with our regional geologist. Tailored license packages are available to support your assessment of this opportunity.

Supporting HHRM and your application

PGS is proud to support Hellenic Hydrocarbons Resources Management (HHRM) in the promotion of this tender process.

As a partner company to HHRM, PGS has played a key role in acquiring data to support exploration for hydrocarbons offshore Greece. Our 2012 2D seismic dataset includes Ionian block (1 280 km), West of Crete (970 km) and South West of Crete (1 370km). Access to these surveys is a requirement when submitting applications for the blocks.

For full information on bid requirements and the time schedule for applications can be found on the HHRM website.

Greece offshore acreage and seismic coverage 2017 licencing

The Ionian block, close to Corfu, offers opportunities to explore the extension of plays already proven in the Adriatic and the Balkans, while the large-scale frontier blocks to the south and west of Crete offer prospecting opportunities in the carbonate highs and sub-salt geology north of the border with oil-rich Libya.

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