PGS Delivers Final Data on Trøndelag Platform

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PGS has released final time and depth imaging products on PGS19M02. The full integrity deliverables for PGS’s Trøndelag Platform ‘elephant’ project include full depth processing. Velocity model building has been applied to the entire volume with Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) and reflection tomography.

The PGS19M02 survey was acquired in September 2019 and covers 10 500 sq. km on the Trøndelag platform, including the Helgeland and Froan basins.

The area includes several areas of held acreage awarded to key players on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in previous APA rounds.

GeoStreamer technology provides improved seismic velocity estimation and better imaging of the Jurassic targets and the presalt potential in the Permian, to support detailed prospect evaluation and exploration for new plays.

“This dataset will be highly relevant for companies who hold acreage in this area and will allow them to unlock the potential of a highly underexplored area that is perfectly positioned to bring resources quickly to market. The results speak for themselves," commented Gunhild Myhr, PGS Sales & Services Europe.

This superior AVO-compliant dataset is delivered ready for rigorous rock physics interrogations. In addition, it can be used as a baseline survey for future 4D studies.

A time slice from the survey that, for obvious reasons, is often referred to as "the Elephant"
Rapid turnaround and high-resolution results were achieved by integrating acquisition and imaging in the project from the planning stage

PGS delivered full-integrity data to pre-funders in July 2020 and all products are now available in our MultiClient data library.

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