PGS Expanded FSB Vision Covers West of Shetland Blocks

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New 3D seismic depth data on the PGS FSB Vision rejuvenation project is delivered in time for evaluations of 33rd Round blocks West of Shetland.

The latest data delivery expands total coverage within the basin to 24 000 sq. km covering almost all the available blocks.

“The image quality is strikingly good, making this rejuvenated dataset perfect for anyone evaluating the potential of UK 33rd Round blocks West of Shetland, as well as considering it as part of application work programs,” says Sónia Pereira, VP of Data Sales Europe at PGS.

The Faroes Shetland Basin area is characterized by a complex structural and geological history, which gives rise to multiple petroleum plays but also creates several features obstructing subsurface imaging based on reflection seismic data.

Teams evaluating these plays will benefit from access to FSB Vision data, which has been created by merging and broadband reprocessing.

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FWI model difference is co-rendered on a cross-line section, highlighting the high level of detail and geological conformity captured by PGS’ FWI algorithm.

FSB Vision coverage of UK33rd Round blocks

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