PGS Expands Angola Kwanza Shelf MultiClient 3D Coverage for 2021 Licensing

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In partnership with Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis (ANPG), the latest 8 300 sq. km PGS fast-track dataset for Kwanza Shelf is now available for viewing. This survey offers key data for the Angolan 2021 License Round.

The untapped hydrocarbon potential of the Kwanza Shelf is thought to be considerable and the area is now witnessing a resurgence in exploration interest. The absence of adequate seismic data on the shelf has posed significant challenges to exploration, with the imaging of complex salt and presalt basins being historically poor but this high-quality dataset allows for detailed lead and prospect generation, attribute analysis, and reservoir-scale evaluations.

Opportunities in Angola Kwanza Shelf Blocks 6, 7, and 8 are revealed by new MultiClient GeoStreamer data.

This new data provides enhanced subsurface illumination through broadband acquisition and the use of modern processing workflows tailored to the unique imaging challenges of shallow water and salt presence. The new broadband 3D MultiClient dataset will equip explorers with the tools to identify and unlock the pre and postsalt plays in this underexplored area of the Angolan offshore.

In the October edition of GeoExpro, PGS and ANPG geoscientists highlight the evolution of the Kwanza Shelf with this new data, demonstrating key elements of a prolific hydrocarbon system. "The new data presents multiple undrilled opportunities and enables improved understanding of the geological fundamentals, key to unlocking the prospectivity of the shallow water shelf for the upcoming 2021 licence round."

Regional seismic section from the latest fast-track KPSDM data set now available.


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