PGS Expands Norwegian Sea GeoStreamer X in 2023

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PGS seismic vessel Ramform Atlas has started acquiring data on the 2023 Norwegian Sea GeoStreamer X survey. This project is a continuation of a multi-season campaign.

Target Halten Terrace

Over the summer season, PGS is adding a further 8 000 sq. km of high-quality GeoStreamer data over the Halten Terrace to its Norwegian Sea GeoStreamer X survey, supplementing the ca. 7 000 sq. km acquired in 2022. A third phase of acquisition is planned for 2024.

GeoStreamer X combines multisensor broadband fidelity with rich azimuth illumination. The method is smart, proven, and highly efficient. The new dual-azimuth data can support energy companies’ evaluations of subsurface risk for infrastructure lead exploration and appraisal. High-resolution data is also an excellent starting point for the assessment of energy transition initiatives, such as carbon storage and offshore wind.

First data will be available six months after the final shot and is expected in April 2024, with final data in Q4 2024.

Find Out More

Contact for details of the 2023 program. For a first look at the results of our 2022 GeoStreamer X early out volume, catch up with the PGS team at EAGE in Vienna next month.


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