PGS Expands Massive Malaysia Sabah MC3D

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Phase 4 of the multisensor Sabah MultiClient 3D is underway with Ramform Hyperion. Sabah is one of the largest MultiClient projects worldwide and the first ever in Malaysia.

Acquisition has begun. PGS will acquire up to 10 000 of GeoStreamer data, adding to the existing 37 000 sq. km multi-phased Sabah MC3D, which is already one of the world’s largest MultiClient acquisition projects.

The Sabah MultiClient 3D lies offshore the northwest of Sabah, Malaysia, within a proven petroleum system with enormous potential. In 2018, a discovery well in the Sabah Trough became a new play opener, yet this is still ranked as one of the least explored basins in the world. The new discovery lies within the footprint of Sabah MC3D.

The uplift in quality provided so far by the multisensor broadband seismic data, in Sabah phases 1-3, has allowed clear delineation of the seismic facies within the complex Miocene-Pliocene fold and thrust belt.  The deeper sections below the fold and thrust belt have been clearly imaged for the first time, enabling a better understanding of the basin development and deeper targets.

Across the Sabah Trough and in the area over the Dangerous Grounds the new seismic reveals numerous potential prospects, many with direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHI) similar to that of the recent discovery well.    

Phase 4 extends further outboard into the Dangerous Grounds, where more basins can be seen. This new dataset will extend the petroleum exploration playground for oil companies interested in Asia.

The Sabah MC3D sets a new benchmark for high-quality regional datasets that will not only improve understanding of the regional petroleum systems but also allow prospect scale AVO analysis of prospects and leads within the entire offshore Sabah Basin.

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