PGS Extends Congo Vision Coverage

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The latest extension of the PGS Congo Vision dataset will increase regional coverage by nearly 50%. Phase four reprocessing has begun and the final fully reprocessed volume will be available in Q2 2023.

The Congo Vision dataset provides a seamless 3D KPSDM seismic volume across the shelf and deepwater areas offshore Congo.  Phases 1 – 3 have built a contiguous volume of over 8 900 sq. km broadband data, created from legacy datasets that have been fully reprocessed using modern depth imaging workflows. Considerably uplifted data quality allows regional interpretations to be made across the presalt section.

Full-stack KPSDM across the current Congo Vision volume displaying shelf to deepwater continuity

Congo Vision Phase Four Begins

This project by PGS in partnership with SNPC will add an additional 4 220 sq. km of rejuvenated KPSDM data to the deepwater area, covering open blocks Marine XIX and Marine XXX. The data will be matched and merged with the existing Congo Vision (phase 1-3 product) to create more than 13 100 sq. km of contiguous, rejuvenated seismic data offshore Congo.

The full reprocessed Congo Vision volume, delivered on a common grid, will be available in Q2 2023.

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